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peaq products address gaps that arise from missing vendor solutions, or vendor solutions that are not suitable for the market.

Still today there exist no industry-wide standards that describe how application or infrastructure performance should be measured, stored and evaluated. Meanwhile, it is unclear to IT staff which performance metrics are relevant in which context. This means that cross-layer root cause analysis usually ends up in neurotic discussions due to missing facts. A typical example is the perpetual discussions regarding how I/O service times influence application performance.

The peaq application performance analysis products enable the quantification of the user-perceived application performance on a use case basis. As an example, they automatically compute the top 10 use cases (long runners) and graphically display tuning candidates along with the corresponding potential tuning gains. By following this methodology consequently, it is possible to conduct realistic load and performance tests that closely emulate production and furthermore assess the performance impact of various software releases before the impact materialises.

Furthermore, it is possible to quantify the contribution of the various infrastructure layers due to a novel normalisation of the respective data which results in a new universal metric. This allows the visualisation of all contributions on a single graphic and as a consequence a terminal performance assessment. Neurotic discussions regarding which infrastructure layer is killing application performance are a thing of the past.

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The IOportal cloud service is a tool targeted to small or big storage operations units alike. It offer a cost-effective way for analysing the I/O workload and I/O performance of storage systems and servers that connect to them.
You can compare the performance of all your storage systems on a global scale using the IOportal.

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SAM4H is a rule-based storage provisioning tool for HDS storage arrays. Thanks to a clear separation between engineering and IT operations tasks, it is possible to achieve a reduction of the provisioning effort up to 80%. At the same time, quality increases significantly due to use of predefined templates and rules.

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Storage Cross Charging

Storage Cross Charging offers a flexible cost allocation for storage, backup and middleware components. The solution can be adapted to your special needs and requirements with little effort.

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