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Consulting: Our concepts and strategies encompass years of practical experience in data centre operations. They are characterised by simplicity, feasibility and manageability.

Architecture: Our elaborated architectures enable stable, high-performing, scalable and manageable systems.

Engineering: We engineer practical tools that increase automation in data centre operations and guarantee robustness and ease of use.

Cost efficiency: Whether consulting, architecture or engineering: our solutions generate higher savings than they cost.


Experience cannot be substituted.
Good consulting on data centre topics requires experience. One needs a broad as well as deep understanding of installed systems and technologies, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to evaluate the potential of introducing new technologies, in terms of practical suitability and integration feasibility.

Our decade-long experience in all disciplines of data centre operations forms the foundation for generating concepts and strategies that fit your needs.

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Bad or even missing architecture is usually a reason why many IT infrastructure projects fail. The ever-increasing complexity of IT systems necessitates careful configuration and tuning of the various technology layers in order to obtain a stable, performing and scalable system.
Since it is no rockets science, it is quite disappointing when IT projects fail because of a bad architecture.

The system architecture developed by peaq takes solution approaches that are described in strategy or concept documents into account. The resulting architecture description is granular enough so that an experienced engineer can proceed with the implementation in a straight forward manner.

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The glue between solution concept and implementation.


Engineering is the soul of the data centre.
The engineering duties in a data centre are versatile and require deep as well as broad knowledge of the respective hardware and software. Furthermore, knowledge of IT operations and the involved instances are essential. Hence, besides technical competences, social skills and team work are sometimes event more important success factor.

Our broad experience gained from multiple IT organisations spanning various industries is the best warranty that we posses the required skills, social as well as technical.

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