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New SAM4H Release v1.7

New SAM4H Release v1.7

About SAM4H

SAM4H is a rule-based storage management software for Hitachi storage arrays to manage LUN provisioning and replications. It is designed from the ground up around the premise ‘Rules First’. This ensures that all storage tasks are executed in the same way and follow a standard, even when executed by different members in large teams.

New in V1.7

3DC Support

SAM4H is the best tool for easily managing GAD replications. In release v1.7 we bring this to the next level, by offering the same simplicity and automation to 3DC setups. Customers that operate their storage environment in a 3 DC setup – using a GAD pair and a third location with Hitachi Universal Replicator, can now simplify, automate and standardize their operations with SAM4H:

  • Provision 3DC LUNs without expert knowledge
  • Create/modify/inspect all 3DC objects via an easy to use graphical user interface
  • No need to touch any HORCM-files

REST API Improvements

The improved REST API makes it possible to trigger SAM4H actions from outside the application, via REST. This way, it is possible to integrate SAM4H in various higher level automation workflows, like for instance with Hitachi Automator or Ansible. Following actions are supported:

  • creating LUNs
  • creating HostGroups
  • polling TaskGroups

peaq believes in open architectures and integration of IT systems for maximizing customer value. Along these lines, the REST API will be further enhanced and extended in future releases.

Other new features

  • Support for post-process capacity saving mode
  • Configurable links on welcome page
  • Improved PortGroup handling (multiple PortGroups per Port allowed)
  • Improved consistency group handling
  • Export and Import Templates as JSONs
  • Display task progress bar
  • Support for Sequences in LUN Labels
  • Individual QD Log for each Storage Array
  • Possibility to select the VSM while creating a HostGroup
  • Clone HG Config Template
  • Clone Cluster
  • Queue Dispatcher Satellites
  • Queue Dispatcher threaded mode
  • 2 IPs for HORCM files
  • Custom LUN-labels for each DpVolTemplate
  • Various Fixes

How to get SAM4H v1.7

The latest version of SAM4H as well as previous stable versions are available in the peaq Service Portal for existing customers.

Request a demo or PoC

Please contact us, if you’d like to learn more about SAM4H. We would be glad to discuss with you how SAM4H can help your organization improve storage efficiency, or to support you with a proof of concept. Just drop us an email at or find out more on our SAM4H products page.

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios is the living incarnation of an infallable error detector with the perfect state of mind to create robust, error free monitoring software. Besides maintaining the IOportal health check graphs and reports and the new V2 IOportal anomaly radar he manages the development of the peaq Service portal, which complements our tools to facilitate roll out of new versions and administration of quotes and licenses.