New SAM4H Release: V1.5

About SAM4H

SAM4H is a rule-based storage management software for Hitachi storage arrays to manage LUN provisioning and replications. It is designed from the ground up around the premise ‚Rules First‘. This ensures that all storage tasks are executed in the same way and follow a standard even when executed by different members in large teams.

New in V1.5

Recently we released V1.5 of SAM4H. The new version has some long awaited features like tenant capability and deletion of host groups. Thanks to the integration of Elasticsearch it is now possible to efficiently search across all executed tasks.

Tenant capability

This has been one of the most awaited features: It is now possible to create users which only have privileges for non destructive tasks on selected servers. This will let you create a self-service portal for adding and removing LUNs to some servers. Unix and DB administrators are now allowed to manage their own server storage by themselves.

GAD Monitoring

With the new GAD Monitoring feature, SAM4H periodically checks if GAD replications exist, which are not in pair. If any broken pairs are found, an email notification is generated.

Full text search

Over time, the timeline in the main view can get very long. We now integrated Elasticsearch into SAM4H, which enables fulltext search in the timeline and brings its value to the next level.

Other new features

  • Split Replications: Choose between splitting one single replication or the whole CTG
  • Delete Hostgroups
  • Delete and Unmap a LUN in one step
  • Individual LUN-Labeling (Enter LUN-labels when creating LUNs)
  • LUN-Report improvements:
    • Configurable columns
    • Sort
    • Display copystatus
    • Display consistency group
    • Nicknames is displayed in the LUN selectors
  • Audit Log-File
  • ReadOnly-Flag for Clusters (Read Only Clusters are only selectable for reports and are hidden in the provisioning sections)
  • Copy Template
  • Check for correct characters when entering WWNs
  • Bugfixes
  • Multiple GUI improvements

Request a demo or PoC

Please contact us, if you’d like to learn more about SAM4H. We would be glad to show you details about SAM4H or to support you with a proof of concept. Just drop us an email at or find out more on our SAM4H products page.