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SAM4H on iPad Pro

Storage Automation

Get the most out of your Hitachi Storage systems
with SAM4H by peaq.


Volumes and replications are the “bread and butter” business of the storage management team. Therefore, it is absolutely vital for the storage management tool to execute these tasks in an easy, fast and secure manner.


Providing automation of storage management tasks “out of the box” avoids the need for additional tools and customizations, reduces complexity and unnecessary costs and ensures that standardization is applied.


SAM4H provisions storage based on predefined rules, that guarantee consistent quality of all managed volumes and replications. This allows separating engineering from operational tasks.

SAM4H is

Up and running within a few hours!


Install SAM4H in less than 30 minutes!


Discover your storage arrays and save their configuration details in a couple of minutes!


Define your storage service catalogue as rules/templates within an hour.


Within 2 – 3 hours after starting the installation you’re ready to provision volumes and replications!



Fast parallel execution of tasks on several arrays – suitable for large IT environments


Easy to learn and operate – no SME knowledge required


Increase Operational Efficiency and reduce operational risk

Cost saving

Reduce complexity and cost via rules based approach and out-of-the-box automation


Catalyse Business Agility with rapid and standardized provisioning


Support Compliance Processes through audit features and reports

Divide et impera

Clearly separated engineering and operational tasks and responsibilities

Multiuser and Multitenant

Group storage management tasks by servers (multitenant) to be managed by tenant members simultaneously as a self service

Fully Automated Replications

Manage GAD, 3DC, TrueCopy and HUR replications as simple as a webshop


"We got very excited about SAM4H allowing us to execute our provisioning tasks of our large and highly complex storage setup in an easy, fast and extremely robust manner. When we asked peaq to add support for our 3-data-center (3DC) setup, they responded quickly exceeding our expectations by far and large. We highly appreciate peaq’s ability to react to customer needs."

"Before SAM4H we were faced with severe challenges trying to execute our day-to-day provisioning tasks. The first day we tested SAM4H it immediately became evident that SAM4H would solve all our issues as we were able to catch up within a day with all the tasks that were still waiting in our task list, unable to be executed due to lack of functionality, stability, robustness and execution speed of our existing tool set."