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New IOportal Box Overview Graph

New IOportal Box Overview Graph

11 Apr 2023 By Werner Lippert

Dear IOportal User,

it sometimes happens that we add a new graph to the IOportal Performance section. And we just did it again. Unlike other graphs the new graph does not display a timeseries of yet another resource of the storage system or attached ports or servers. This time the new graph comprises several resources in one graph, and this is new. From the implementation aspect this requires a different approach than for single resources graphs, which you may not find very interesting at all. But from the user point of view this opens a whole new set of possibilities to group resources together in order to visualise their correlation and dependencies between storage system resources or storage system resources and front-end load/performance directly. With this release we add a first new graph, the BoxOverview graph, which combines frontend load (Port IOPS and TPUT), frontend performance (SVCT and WTIM) together with the most critical backend resources of the storage system, namely parity group load, multiprocessor load, cache write pending and crossbar or interconnect switch load (where applicable).

As this represents a lot of information we added a y-legend on the right-hand side so we can show independent metrics, like IOPS and TPUT, with different physical units, in a single plot. Also, we show average as well as max values for the backend resources, as there may be many instances, like many MP blades, with relatively moderate average values, but high max values potentially causing performance degradations or resource constraints.

So hopefully the new BoxOverview graphs provides you with a good overview of the storage systems’ overall dynamical behaviour and helps you spot potential issues quicker. Of course, any performance issues are still detected by the IOportal’s anomaly radar, which guides you to the root cause(s) of any spotted anomaly. So please take a look at the new BoxOverview graph and let us know whether you find it useful and/or you have other resources/metrics in mind you would like to see plotted together.

Have a great day! Your IOportal team

Werner Lippert

Werner Lippert

With the background of a PhD in Physics and 30+ years of experience in data analysis, different kinds of Unix flavours and storage technologies Werner designed and implemented the first versions of the IOportal, which has proven to solve all kinds of storage related questions in countless situations over the past 10 years.