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SVA Open House - Hitachi Vantara. peaq Showcases SAM4H and IOportal in Action

SVA Open House - Hitachi Vantara. peaq Showcases SAM4H and IOportal in Action

In a digital rendezvous tailored for a German-speaking audience, the “SVA Open House” seamlessly brought participants together. Hosted at the SVA studio, the event featured peaq’s transformative solutions—SAM4H and IOportal—presented to a captivated virtual audience.

Virtual Presentation in the SVA Studio

The SVA studio became the online stage for presenters and participants, effortlessly connecting in a virtual environment. peaq opted for a detailed presentation, introducing SAM4H and IOportal to the audience without the need for a grand unveiling.

Agenda Dynamics with Live Demonstrations

While physical labs were absent from the agenda, live demonstrations took center stage. Peaq guided attendees through SAM4H and IOportal, providing a close-up look at their functionalities and practical applications. The virtual setting allowed for an immersive experience, showcasing the real-world impact of these innovative solutions.

Access the Session Videos

For those eager to revisit or catch up on the sessions, all videos are conveniently available online. Explore the insightful discussions, live demos, and customer success stories that unfolded during the “SVA Open House.”

  • Watch the SAM4H Video:

SAM4H Video

  • Explore the IOportal Video:

IOportal Video


SVA’s “Open House - Hitachi Vantara” successfully united a German-speaking audience, leveraging the SVA studio as a hub for innovation. peaq’s SAM4H and IOportal presentations, accessible through the video library, offer a comprehensive understanding of their transformative capabilities. In an era where virtual experiences redefine industry events, the “SVA Open House” stands as a testament to the adaptability and dynamism of the storage solutions landscape.

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios is the living incarnation of an infallible error detector with the perfect state of mind to create robust, error-free monitoring software. Besides maintaining the IOportal Health Check graphs and reports and the new V2 IOportal dashboard and anomaly radar, he manages the development of the peaq Service portal, which complements our tools to facilitate roll-out of new versions and administration of quotes and licenses.