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SAM4H Release v2.2

SAM4H Release v2.2

18 Sep 2023 By Philip Kurmann

Introducing SAM4H v2.2

Today, SAM4H takes another leap forward with the unveiling of version 2.2 of the Smart Automation Manager for Hitachi. We are excited to present a release that not only enhances usability but also turbocharges your ability to implement storage changes swiftly and with unwavering precision. Let’s delve into what SAM4H v2.2 brings to the table.

A Fresh Look & Enhanced Functionality: Upon launching SAM4H V2.2, you will immediately notice the sleek and contemporary user interface makeover. Our interface has been modernized, and all tables are now equipped with intuitive filters. As part of this revamp, we have completely redesigned the pool report, offering in-depth insights into the advanced data reduction metrics of your Hitachi storage arrays.

Empowering Array Management: With SAM4H v2.2, managing your Hitachi storage arrays has never been more efficient. You can seamlessly switch volumes between pools, enhancing flexibility. Additionally, SAM4H now fully supports HMO88 for Multi VSM mappings, providing a broader range of options for array management.

A Versatile IOportal Agent: One of the standout features of SAM4H v2.2 is its ability to function as the IOportal Agent. It can replace your existing IOportal agent by exporting configuration and performance data and uploading them to the IOportal.

SAM4H v2.2 Release Notes

General improvements
  • IOportal Agent support (beta): SAM4H simplifies agent management by exporting configuration and performance data for easy IOportal integration
  • Filters everywhere: Enjoy the convenience of filters across all tables, improving the overall user experience.
  • Recurring Job Scheduling: No tedious set up of cron jobs anymore: SAM4H integrates a new recuring job scheduling system which makes installation and operation smoother than ever.
  • Podman support: SAM4H is now Podman-friendly, expanding deployment options.
Array Management
  • Volume Pool-Switch: Seamlessly switch volumes between pools, enhancing resource allocation.
  • HMO88 Support: SAM4H is supporting HMO88 for multi VSM-Mappings.
  • ADR Reports: The newly designed pool reports deliver comprehensive insights into advanced data reduction metrics, empowering you with richer information.
  • Redesigned GUI: SAM4H gets a polished, modern design overhaul for a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.
  • REST-API for unmapping LUNs: The REST-API was extended by a the capability to Unmap LUNs.
  • REST-API for listing storage arrays and host-groups: Discover available storage arrays and host-groups effortlessly via the REST-API.

SAM4H: Your ultimate storage management solution!

Unlock Efficiency: SAM4H v2.2 is the key to streamlining your storage management processes. With its intelligent automation capabilities, you’ll not only save time but also reduce errors, ensuring your Hitachi storage environment operates at peak efficiency.

Contact us now to learn more about how SAM4H can revolutionize your storage management experience. Your Hitachi infrastructure deserves the best, and that’s SAM4H – where smart automation meets Hitachi excellence.

Philip Kurmann

Philip Kurmann

Developing software to manage storage infrastructure for business critical customer environments, that is easy to use and yet robust and error free, requires excellent knowledge in both software development and storage infrastructure. Philip possesses both in a unique way combined with the strive to deliver best-of-breed solutions that are fun to use.