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The IOportal shines in a new design

The IOportal shines in a new design

The 2020.08 IOportal release shines in a new, fresh and modern design! However, there is more than a fresh paint. The redesigned IOportal is fully responsive: you can even create and analyze complex performance graphics on your mobile device! Improvements have been made in other areas as well:

  • New design, colors, fonts and icons, make the IOportal easier to work with, navigate and orientate.
  • Fully responsive – works great on tablets and smartphones.
  • Groups/locations: Customers can create groups of storage arrays by means of a group name (e.g. DC_North, SAP_Production etc). This makes it easier to consume the various IOportal views focusing on specific storage arrays, while all other arrays that are not part of the group are hidden. This functionality is especially useful for customers with many storage arrays.
  • Performance Graphics: The thumbnails graphics in the Performance menu have descriptive titles that makes it easier to orientate. The dynamic graphics, that are displayed when clicking on thumbnails, exhibit the same detailed title like the png graphics, offering a multitude of useful information for better understanding and interpreting the graphic.
  • New alerting design: the alerting functionality has been redesigned and tamed to be less obtrusive. The number of current alerts is displayed with a counter on the alert home page icon. When clicked, the user obtains a brief summary. Further details are available in the alert home page.

Whats next

The redesigned IOportal forms the basis for implementing exciting new features. Radical changes to the whole experience are in the works and we can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios Psaltopoulos

Georgios is the living incarnation of an infallable error detector with the perfect state of mind to create robust, error free monitoring software. Besides maintaining the IOportal health check graphs and reports and the new V2 IOportal anomaly radar he manages the development of the peaq Service portal, which complements our tools to facilitate roll out of new versions and administration of quotes and licenses.

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